Autumn Colors - 7 fl oz jar

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apple - clove - vanilla Our Autumn Colors scent is an amazing, warm Fall blend of macintosh apples, cinnamon, sparking citrus, rose, cloves, greens, raspberry jam, scarlet peach, and sugared vanilla. It will fill your space with the fragrance of a simmering cider! Ingredients Mostly Sunny candles are handcrafted in America's heartland using only high-quality, clean ingredients. We craft our candles in small batches to ensure each candle receives the individual care it deserves. We use only 100% soy wax, our fragrances are essential oil infused, premium quality and phthalate-free, our wicks are cotton (lead/zinc free), and our candles are free of dyes or other additives. Our candles are clean, long-burning, and crafted with safety (and sunshine!) in mind. Burn Times You can expect 40+ hr burn time with our medium straight sided jars.